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Filter plate

The filter plate is one of the main parts of the filter press, and is the key device in the water treatment technology, and plays a dual role of loading filter layer filter and backwash water distribution. According to the different material, the filter plate can be divided into polypropylene filter plate, cast iron filter plate and stainless steel filter plate. According to the different functions, it can be divided into chamber filter plate.Plate frame filter plate, Membrane filter plate, circular high pressure filter plate, cotton cake filter plate etc.
Big pressing force(17-20MPa) can avoid leakage effectively.
Hydraulic station adopts ABB motor, it is steady in operation.
Auto closing and auto opening.
Labor saving.
It specially apply to models with large capacity, it can ensure good filtering effect.
Chemical industry: dye, pigment, caustic soda, soda
Medicine: antibiotics, growth derivative, organophosphorus, glycosylase
Food: yellow wine, white wine, juice, beverage, beer...
Metallurgy: gold mine, silver mine, copper mine...
Oil refining: white oil, sesame oil, light oil...
Clay: ripe old soil, bentonite, active soil...
Sewage treatment: chemical wastewater, smelting wastewater, electroplating sewage, leather sewage...

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