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DU Vacuum Belt Filter Press

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DU Vacuum Belt Filter Press Introduction:

DU belt filter press is a continuous-feed dewatering device that applies chemical conditioning, gravity draining, and mechanical pressure to dewater sludge. Rubber belt type vacuum filter takes filter bag as filter medium, adopt material gravity and vacuum suction to separate solid and liquid materials. It is adopts ring rubber belt as a vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber can continuously run by motor, The filter cloths are layup to the rubber belt and running along with the belt, The rubber belt with friction belt create a water-tight seal.

Slurry is distributed on filter cloth by distributing device when the vacuum chamber is switched on vacuum system, it will create a vacuum area on rubber belt, Filtrate liquor pass through filter cloth by horizontal grooves on rubber belt, then get together and go into the vacuum chamber by micro pore, Solid powder are holding on filter cloth, then create a filter cake. The liquid which have got into vacuum chamber be discharged by steam-water separator. Move along with the rubber belt, preformed filter cake get into washing section and suck dry section. Finale filter cloth and rubber belt are divided, the filter cake are discharged from discharging roller. The filter cloth which discharge filter cake are washed ,then can be re-used,re-access to filtrate area by a sets of supportive roller and rectify device, begging a new cycle. 

Features of DU Vacuum Belt Filter Press:

1. Continuous and fully automatic operation
2. High reduction of sludge volume for saving of transport cost

3. High dewatering performance due to an convenient arrangement of the rollers
4. Using the latest advanced technology, add one more independent concentrated device based on normal type belt press,significantly increased the ability of water removal.

5. 8-15% lower flocculation consumption with combination of dynamic and static flocculation reactor.
6. High working capacity (150% of normal type), low moisture content of filter cake(10% less than normal type), low working cost(30% lower than normal type)

7. The frame is made of high quality seamless square steel pipe(10#-12#) with sandblast and high strength fluorin-carbon finish,makes anticorrosive ability keep more than 8 years.
8. The main body are made of stainless steel(304), including main and assistant rollers, fender,flume,waterproof cover, muzzle and sheets, etc.

9. High quality bearing with full airproof bearing seat, available to run more than 3 years.
10. Extrusion and transmission rollers are made of seamless steel pipe with anti-wearing rubber outside, available to work more than 5 years..

Techncial Parameters of DU Vacuum Belt Filter Press:


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