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SS Bag Filter

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SS Bag Filter Introduction:

1. material:SS
2. pressure:0.75-1.6Mpa
3. size:10'' 20'' 30'' 40"
4. temperature:20~120 C
5. Fanged style
6. quick-open flanged style
7. easy operation
8. SUS 304
Precision filter, also known as security filters, usually set in the pressure vessel prior to the removal of turbidity particles smaller than 1 degree, to meet the influent requirements of the follow-up processes; sometimes set the end of the entire water treatment system to prevent small particles (such as broken resin) into the finished water.
Precision filter is a new type of polypropylene (PP) fiber meltblown filter, wirewound filter, folded microporous filter, titanium alloy filter rod etc. According to the different size precision of  filtration path intercepts different size of particles , accordingly, achieves the purpose of filtration. According to different appearance and structure into different filter, such as clamp-style, flange-style, flying rings-style etc. According to different filtration material into bag precision filter, rod precision filter etc.


Fetures of SS Bag Filter:

1. It can effectively remove the liquid suspension, rust and so on.
2. It can tolerate higher filtration pressure.
3. Filter can produce a variety of materials to meet the needs of a variety of fluid filtration.
4. Appearance, small size, filtration area, low resistance, long service life, reasonable structure, light weight
5. Stainless steel precision filter / resin filter.

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