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What is the feeding pressure of filter press?

What is the feeding pressure of filter press?

How does the filter press control the feeding pressure? Please kindly install pressure meter and C valve between feed pump outlet and feed inlet of filter press, install B valve between feed pump outlet and material storage tank. Pressure meter is used to monitor feed pressure, C valve is to control feed rate, return valve B is to control feed pressure. Some users think that it's enough only to install the C valve which is not feasible. The pressure meter must be installed.

The so-called feed pressure, mainly refers to feed pump pulp pressure when filter press works. The feed pressure differs in different filter cloth, pulp density and ore fineness.

First, when the ore fineness is very small and concentration is very low, then it needs to input material in large pressure and large flow. To filter through large pressure, it will not only gather ore particles into filter cake, but also shorten feeding time. But it will need to strengthen the filter cloth.

Second, when the ore fineness is not so small and concentration is high, then it will need flow pressure to balance, so the filter press could works smoothly and continuously. It will not only shorten the entire filtration cycle time, but also has good results.

At last, it will be counterproductive if pressure and flow is too large. The pulp was forced to press filter cloth and could not fall off automatically. Then it will extend the entire working time and also increased the operation strength.
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