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Belt Filter Press Common Problem and corresponding solutions

belt filter press Common Problem and corresponding solutions

Belt Filter Press Common Problem and corresponding solutions:
1. slurry passed through filter cloth in a great quantity
Maybe caused by:
in-correct filter cloth model sizing
Poor result for flocculation
sizing filter cloth again and select right size and model by testing
choose right flocculation agent and right tossing quantity
2. filter cloth bad washing result
Maybe caused by:
Low washing water pressure or few quantity for washing water
washing nozzle was fulled by solids and spray water easily
increase washing water pressure or flow rate
clean washing nozzle
3. always a great quantity of slurry leakage at the first at the first squeezing roller
Maybe caused by:
high squeezing pressure
poor flocculant result
too big flow rate for slurry feeding
fast movement for squeezing belts
decrease filter cloth tightening force
choose right flocculant agent and most suitable flocculant quantity
decrease slurry feeding flow rate
decrease filter belt running speed
4. filter cloth flapped
Maybe caused by:
less tightening force for filter cloth roller axle line are not horizontal
adjust pressing force for filter cloth adjust axle line for rollers
5. filter cloth connector breakage
Maybe caused by:
poor holding force for filter cloth connector
repair filter cloth connector
6. filter cloth running in deviation but can't be controlled easily
Maybe caused by
failure of anti-deviation system
un-balanced degree for adjacent rollers
reset,to shift the failure alarm
adjust horizontal degree for rollers
7. breakage for squeezing rollers
Mainly caused by big filter cloth tightening pressure,or rollers was badly corrosive
decrease filter cloth tightening pressure
repair or replace the rollers

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